There is no privacy online – Smartphones, Applications, Operating Systems and privacy issues

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Privacy in the traditional sense has been described as controlling knowledge about oneself (Introna, 1997, p. 262). Its about having control over whom, when and how others can obtain information about someone. Technology today allows users to store their personal data and, in particular, smartphones allow users to talk, store photos, play games, get directions and browse the Internet (Urban, … Read More

Policy Primer – Behance

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The service that I have chosen to use for my policy primer is Behance. It is a service used by creative people all over the world to showcase their works with others. It takes out the complexity of sharing your creations online and allows users to explore other works for inspiration or even use other users content within their own … Read More

Terms and Conditions May Apply – Review

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A tutor of mine while studying Internet Communications put me onto this documentary. Terms and Conditions May Apply is a documentary that EVERYONE must watch. If you use the internet (which if your reading this then of course you do) you should ask yourself… what are your really agreeing to when you agree to a websites terms and conditions? What … Read More

Access Denied – Four Corners Television Special

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This documentary was first aired on ABC May 10th 2010. It discusses the policy of mandatory filtering in Australia. Well worth a watch to see what the Government in Australia was up to when testing this filtering system. Originally posted at

The reasoning behind the Australian Labor Party’s failed mandatory Internet filtering policy.

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Governments around the world have trialed and implemented many different ways to filter Internet content to their citizens. Australia is one country that has tinkered with the possibility of implementing a mandatory Internet filter. In 2007, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) ran a federal election campaign that included an introduction of a mandatory filter through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The … Read More

What facilitates effective online collaboration and organisation?

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Online collaboration is the process where individuals engage within a group using Web 2.0 technologies to achieve a common goal (Blau, 2011, pp. 22-23). Participants within these online collaborative groups expand upon each other’s contributions through tools available via the Internet. To facilitate effective use of online collaboration and organisation, institutions and groups need to have an understanding of the … Read More

We are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists – Brian Knappenberger

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This documentary by Brian Knappenberger is “an informative film that begins to unravel the mystery of Anonymous” (JustCuriosity, 2012). It explains the philosophy of Anonymous, what they believe and why members risk their own freedom to speak out against governments, religious groups and other public figures that they believe are suppressing free speech. There are interviews with Anonymous members who share … Read More

4 Great Articles on Twitter and Political Protest – Review

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For an assignment for Internet Communications, we were asked to find 4 articles on certain case studies. I chose Twitter and Political Protest as my topic. Below are 4 articles and a critic on each for you to ponder. 1. The Revolution will be Digitised – Wired UK Heather Brook released a book in 2011 called “The Revolution will be … Read More